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Why Hiring A Professional Makeup Artist Is The Best Decision You Can Make

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

So you want your makeup done for your big event but not sure if you want to spend the money on a Professional Makeup Artist? Let me help understand why its kind of a big deal.

When it comes to your big day, you do NOT want to hire just ANYONE who says they are a 'makeup artist'. I mean, you can, but do you really know what you are getting from their service? How much experience do they have working on a MULTITUDE of skin tones and complexions? Can they work on the most alabaster skin to the deepest ebony with ease? How sanitary is their kit? Are they using professional products which have stood up to the test of time for photos, or are they using drugstore products? Are they applying the same mascara and lipstick to everyone using the same wand and tube of lipstick (I hope to God they aren't!)? Are they asking you about any possible allergies? Do they know corrective techniques (we all have an asymmetrical face ladies. Ever seen Chrissy Teigen? Beautiful yes, but very asymmetrical). Are they able to work on mature skin? Moms usually want their makeup done, sometimes Grandma too. And most importantly, ARE THEY LISTENING TO YOUR WANTS or are they just trying out a new look they saw Kim K wearing on Instagram?? A professional knows the look that the camera loves.

Searching for your ideal artist isn't about hiring the makeup counter lady, or having your second cousins aunt who sells Mary Kay or Arbonne do it. You need someone who knows lighting, photography, is a superb listener and understands how weddings work. Your artist needs to be able to work quickly while maintaining proper hygiene, able to create your best look for your photos while still having you look human in real life and NOT like RuPaul (sorry, Grrl!). Did you know that almost 40% of brides cringe when looking at their wedding photos because they wish they could redo their hair or makeup? True story. That's almost HALF of married ladies. HALF!!! Why? Because they likely didn't hire a professional!

If you are paying mega bucks for the photographer of your dreams, a wedding dress you will only wear once (twice if you are doing a 'trash the dress" event) and a lavish hairstyle, why are you risking your bridal makeup look to be put on by just anybody?

Do yourself a favour and hire a professional. We know things the average Joe(lyn) does not. You will be so happy with the end result that you will want to marry yourself!

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Sarah doing Katies wedding makeup

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